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Weil Engineering North America LLC

weil technology

is a weil engineering gmbh brand and incorporates different enterprises, which are market and technology leaders in the field of sheet metal processing. Machines and systems for innovative forming, cutting and joining techniques have been designed and manufactured for the global market within the group since 1987.

Our turn-key and fully automated production lines are primarily found in the automotive sector and in the HVAC, housing and container construction and electrical industries. Each company within weil technology focuses on its core competency and together we are able to offer our clients a large pallet of customized system solutions.

Our focus is on flexible, rational and efficient production while making use of innovative roll-forming, stamping, laser welding and laser cutting technologies.

weil technology clients value the fact that our system concepts are efficient, reliable and consistently reproduce high quality parts:

Shape. Join. Look ahead.

Laser welding of auto exhaust systems finds footing in United States

Technique reduces weight and environmental impact

by Dan Robinson

The United States automotive market place is undeniably unique. For 32 years, the best-selling vehicle in the US has been the Ford F-150, a 5500-lb., V8-powered pickup truck popular for farmers, small businesses, and suburban families alike. To an outsider, it might seem that the US is not concerned about fuel economy, but over the last decade that has finally started to change. Gas prices started to climb significantly about 10 years ago and for many years, the US government has been tightening mandated fuel economy regulations known as the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. Even the current glut of low-priced